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The tuckpointing, repointing & brick restoration experts in Perth, WA

The tuckpointing, repointing & brick restoration experts in Perth, WA

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    A brick wall just adds that extra kick of warmth and aesthetics to your home. More so when you have a chimney and a fireplace as they also increase the value and look of your home. All these features to your home provide opportunities for you and your family to huddle up and share moments worth remembering. But what happens when they need repair? Are you aware that all masonry chimneys and brick walls need repair at some point?

    Usually, it is the mortar joints that become damaged because of harsh weather conditions, such as excessive amounts of water absorbing through the mortar. Also, moisture can wreak havoc to rock masonry, especially when water seeps in due to weak mortar joints. In cases like these, you need to apply the process of tuckpointing to your masonry. This is where Perth Tuckpointing comes in to save the day.

    With many years of experience in the industry of brickwork restoration, Perth Tuckpointing offers the best service in Perth, Australia and in areas nearby. Our services are comprehensive enough to include all brickwork restoration for both commercial and residential areas without any charges for providing quotes.

    Our company specialises in the following:

    • Tuckpointing

    • Repointing

    • Crack Repairs

    • Brick Repairs

    • Brick Cleaning

    • Brick Colouring

    Most commonly, bricks on a chimney can last about a hundred years, but mortar has a much shorter lifespan. Mortar can last about 25 years, depending on how exposed the masonry is to water, moisture, and other harsh outdoor elements. It is the layout of the roof and the positioning of the chimney that affect how water contributes to deterioration of the mortar joints.

    In situations when masonry becomes damaged, the most cost-effective course that a homeowner can choose is to repair the affected part through tuckpointing. You wouldn’t want to let the mortar joints deteriorate to the extent that the chimney or brick wall collapses. This would require a total rebuild of the area affected, which is more costly than a simple repair. Don’t wait for that to happen, contact our expert brick pointers at Perth Tuckpointing.

    Because the process of brick restoration is quite labour intensive, our company offers free quotations before any work is started. In addition to that, our professional brick pointers will make a colour palette that will perfectly match your current brick facade. Restoring the facade of any home will not only increase its value, but it will also protect it from unforgiving outdoor conditions.

    Only Hire Experts like Perth Tuckpointing

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    Below are the benefits when you hire us:

    • Our team is highly experienced and trained to perform brick restoration.

    • We have a standard preparation of mortar cutting and re-layering.

    • We produce accurate colour or tone matching.

    • We use professional workmanship.

    • We also have masonry specialists.

    • We take on both small and large jobs.

    • We also perform brick tying and brick stitching.

    • We always plan strategically to get the job done.

    When You Need To Repair Your Masonry

    Brick masonry is tested and proven to withstand the test of time. However, this does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t require maintenance. For instance, a brick wall can last up to 100 years without any repairs, but on the other hand, the mortar joints may begin to deteriorate within 20-30 years.
    The moment mortar joints crumble or crack, it means that repairs are needed right away in order to preserve it. Luckily, Perth Tuckpointing is always ready to provide all your brick restoration needs.

    Usually, only some parts of a brick structure require repointing or tuckpointing, it is best if the new mortar closely resembles the original mortar joints. If you do the opposite, you will end up with a mismatched look that might garner disappointing looks from people.

    Aside from choosing the right colour to match the brick, it is equally crucial that you use also the right type of mortar. The mortar chosen for the restoration needs to be of the same strength or at least slightly weaker than the original one. Otherwise, it will not uphold on to the structure as desired. A comparison of the material strength is therefore needed. This job is best left to a professional like Perth Tuckpointing.

    As mentioned, mortar joints show signs of crumbling or damage within a span of 20 to 30 years.

    Below are more signs that your mortar joints require immediate solution:

    Tuckpointing and repointing are considered labour-intensive projects and require the skills of an expert brick pointer. You must act once these mortar issues show, because once it gets out of hand, you can’t do anything about it except to rebuild it. On that note, it is important that you must act and respond quickly. Reach out to our expert brick pointers at Perth Tuckpointing.

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    Tuckpointing is an old-style technique that involves filling gaps between mortar and brick on masonry chimneys and walls. A colour-coordinated paint of the mortar will be applied to match the brick. As a result, it creates the illusion of fine joints across the wall.
    One thing that is worth remembering is that more often than not, tuckpointing is only needed every 25-30 years, depending on where you live and on what the weather conditions are in a year. In areas that experience heavy rainfall and high humidity, tuckpoint may be required more frequently.
    Ideally, tuckpointing should be done when the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit within 24 hours to 72 hours. Tuckpointing should also be done when there’s no rain or when there is rain, several hours after it.
    Tuckpointing is the process where the deteriorated mortar in the joints between the bricks is replaced. It is necessary when the mortar becomes too loose, which affects the stability of the structure it supports. With these, tuckpointing should only be done by expert brick pointers like Perth Tuckpointing.
    In answering this, you should ask yourself, how was it installed? Did you consider the proper depth? Was the proper cement/sand mix and strength considered? Usually, tuckpointing can last for about 30 years if done right.
    To set the line dividing the two, here’s a fact: homeowners choose tuckpointing because it creates a more vivid illusion. This is so because the mortar matches the colour of the bricks. If you don’t examine the wall up close, you won’t even notice where the mortar ends and the brick begins. The fillets also add to the illusion wherein they fool the eye into believing that the straight lines are the actual mortar joints. This really makes the entire wall look as if it were built with new masonry.

    On the other hand, repointing produces a softer appearance on the new mortar joints. The edges of the bricks won’t be shaped perfectly into squares, and the repointed mortar joints make those discrepancies more obvious.

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